How Can I Order Pakistani Suits online from India?

Buying Pakistani Suits from India?

Well, it is kind of a bit messy while ordering Pakistani suits in India from our neighbour - Pakistan, with the turbulent relationships both countries have had in the past few years. Ideally, you will not be able to order/import products directly from Pakistan but that is where Pashtun Collections comes to help you out.

We source all our products directly from the Designer Brands and get it shipped through an intermediary country.

So, you can now get your hands on all the top fabulous brands right here in India, all thanks to Pashtun Collections.


Although, we are a huge fan on ‘Make in India’ products but Pakistani suits are like a breath of fresh air in the fashion world, with their mesmerizing embroidery, vibrant hues, and luxurious fabrics. They effortlessly blend tradition with trendiness, making them perfect for any occasion. 

With all the positives, we know there a few limitations with Pakistani suits :-

  1. Limited Quantities of Suits in Each Collection : This is one of your worst nightmares as a Fashion Clothing Business cause you know that this product is a ‘hot-selling cake’ and customers are willing to buy it. But, you can’t fulfil the Customer’s choice as you can’t restock or get the same design or collection again. Hence, we always suggest Customers get the suit now if you want don’t just add it in your wish list cause these Pakistani suits gets sold out very quickly. 
  2. Pakistani Suits are Expensive vs the Regular Suits in India : Yes, this is a well known problem as Pakistani suits tend to be expensive in comparison to the regular Indian suits. Their are Multiple reasons behind this; one being the surge in inflation in Pakistan in the past few years and other cause is that as these designer suits have to imported from Pakistan through an intermediary country and shipping prices have sky-rocketed recently, causing a knock-on effect. But, even with all the factors, at Pashtun Collections we ensure that we have the most competitive price in the Market and being a startup helps us we have low operational costs.

Pashtun Collections is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of Modest Pakistani fashion. That's why we've created a fun assortment of designs to suit every taste and personality. Whether you prefer timeless classics or edgy current trends, we have something to suit you. 


Why should you choose Pashtun Collections for your Pakistani suit?


1. Real Gems: Say goodbye to knock-offs! Our Pakistani suits come straight from the top designers and brands, ensuring you get nothing but the best. 


2. Choices for All: Get ready to be spoiled for choice! Our collection boasts a dazzling array of designs, colors, and styles, whether you prefer Pakistani Lawn or Chiffon or Festive Silk & Organza Collection. We have got your back.


3. Affordable Price: Being a startup Fashion Brand helps us to have our overall costs low, hence we can guarantee that you won’t get Pakistani Suits at our rates. We can comfortably claim that we sell the best Pakistani suits in India at the Cheapest Price in the Market. Don’t believe us? Well go ahead, and pick any of our product and check the price on Fashion Station or Your Libaas. 


4. Quality First: We’re all about quality! Each Pakistani suit undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets our sky-high standards.


5. We’ve Got Your Back: Got questions or need a little fashion advice? Our super-friendly customer service team is available on Whatsapp to help you out, every step of the way.


6. Express Delivery: All of our products are ready to ship and you can expect to get guaranteed delivery all over India within 3-4 days.


7. Easy Return Policy: Well as a business, we would hate if any Customer wants to return a product. But, we understand that there can be reasons why you would want to replace/return the product. We have your covered with our Easy Returns within 10 days of the product delivery. 


Whether you’re gearing up for a big event or want to get something comfortable which is trendy to enhance your daily look, Pakistani suits from Pashtun Collections are guaranteed to make heads turn.


So what are you waiting for? Dive into our fabulous collection of Pakistani suits online in India at Pashtun Collections, and get ready to slay, hun!

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